Alternative Markets

Emerint is a market maker in secondary private equity securities and alternative assets. We provide liquidity and offer execution capabilities in illiquid assets, including physical assets and commodities, distressed debt, secondary fund stakes, customized financial offerings, and agricultural products.

Market Making

Emerint is the founding member of AltEx, an alternative assets exchange focused on China and emerging Asia. AltEx is the first private exchange with full execution support for foreign and domestic investments in secondary private equity and alternative assets in China. AltEx services include:

  • Centralized clearinghouse
  • Independent screening, monitoring, and oversight
  • International standards of disclosure, transparency, and governance
  • Full execution and due-diligence support.

Through our platform we are able to consistently match potential buyers and sellers, secure smooth execution, and provide liquidity in alternative assets.

Agricultural Products And Commodities

Emerint provides commodity and agricultural producers with direct access to markets, investors, and buyers. We secure trade finance, delivery, and physical settlement of commodities and products. For investors we offer an opportunity to capture full supply-chain value in agricultural production and physical commodities trading.